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Oil rig, power and energy, industrial marketing, JBPRM

Chartered Expertise

Benefit from decades of proven Industry
expertise in driving businesses forward.
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Specialists in Process, Power and Energy

Benefit from first hand knowledge of
developing successful revenue streams
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Strategy & Planning

A well thought-through strategy and written Marketing plan underpins the business’s efforts to acheive it’s mission. These are not intended to be rocket science, but a simple and accessible reference document.


Today, we operate in a digital world though we still have to provide for print creativity. We have all this covered providing a full solution regarding graphic design for both online (Digital & and offline communication.

Knowledge Transfer

We offer Marketing mentoring, personal Marketing, and sub网络免费加速器最新. All our knowledge transfer services are delivered by a Chartered Marketer (and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

Business Development

We can work alongside any sales or business development team in a seamless extension. Roles and responsibilities in the combined team are agreed, and identify where an effective handover should take place.

Event Management

We take the hard work out of sub加速器官网下载地址. Whether it’s an exhibition, conference, or other business critical event, we have it covered. Our experience spans from planning to execution.

Digital Marketing

Whether you are looking for the Ferrari of all e-commerce sub网络加速器官方下载 with turbocharged SEO, to maximise your inbound marketing through social media, or simply looking for some SUB永久免费加速器官网 we can help.

Public Relations & Advertising

Whether you require a product story, a case study, an editorial, a white paper, a brochure, or an advert, our consultants will join forces to provide the perfect blend of the written word and creativity to deliver winning results.

Branding & Positioning

JBPRM have the capability to deliver creative solutions to enable your brand positioning strategy. We take time to understand your business to refine our brand and positioning strategies.

Marketing Research

Your business increases sales by applying knowledge about your Macro-environment and micro-environment, market intelligence, the competitive rivalry within your market, and the nature of your target customers.


Marketing Must be Made Simple and Accessible

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Jonathan Brindley (DipM, FCIM, CMktr) – Managing Consultant

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What are peoples views on JBPRM?

Sales Director

(High Value Engineering Service Provider)

“Thanks Jonathan, you really have put together a useful service here with JBPRM, so well done. Things have certainly been made easier since we brought your team onboard, and with you running the show – knowing what you know – I am happy to recommend that we make our relationship longer-term and begin the process of transferring responsibility”


(Leading Energy Services Provider)

“Jonathan’s ability to understand what we are saying to a high level of detail, formulate the options, drive through agreements across our technical managers and commercial team, and then to work the requirements with his team, has been outstanding. I have no hesitation recommending other companies using JBPRM, or speaking highly of the service we continue to receive.”

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We have experience of developing business through the following trade organisations





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